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Her Space Holiday returns with the release of Gravity.

The four song EP was written and recorded by Marc Bianchi, mixed by Grammy-nominee Damian Taylor (Björk, Arcade Fire, Unkle, The Killers) and mastered by Grammy-nominee Emily Lazar (Sia, Haim, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire).

Focused around blending electronic production with introspective lyrics, Gravity is a look into the future of Her Space Holiday’s sound.


released January 26, 2018

Marc Bianchi: Composer, Production, Instrumentation, Vocals
Damian Taylor: Mixing, Additional Production
Emily Lazar: Mastering
Ninelle Efremova: Creative Direction, Photography, Design


all rights reserved



Her Space Holiday California

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Track Name: Gravity
If you hold my hand tonight and tell me that my brain is fine
I’ll take this weight and let it go

I love you more than you could know
I love you more than you could know

The second you took a chance on me
This house became a home you’ll see
I’m breaking ribs as I learn to breath

My life with you means everything, everything to me

These months are short but still move slow
My heart feels like it could explode
Each day I watch, I watch your belly grow
I love her more than you can know

I love you more than you could know
I love you more than you could know
I love you more than you could know
I love you more than you could know
Track Name: Let Me Win
It’s been a while since she’s seen the ocean
It’s been a desert from day one
She’s landlocked in small talk
How could such a small town take so much?

When those early days were the darkest
She drove the coast
Playing mix-tapes that he made
As a parting gift of hope

It wasn’t her and it wasn’t him
It wasn’t us
It wasn’t them
Sometimes timing just won’t let you win
Oh let me win

Honey let’s take both our pasts
And drown them in a whiskey glass
Use our broken hearts for ice
And watch them melt in a sea of lies
We’ll make a toast and drink it down
Laugh until we hit the ground
We’re landlocked in small talk

Oh Let me win

The lyrics for “Let Me Win” originally appeared on the Butcher Bear album "This is How the Game gets you Played” under the song title
"Landlocked In Small Talk."
Track Name: Sixteen Syllables
Every morning when I wake up
I’m not sure which me I’m going to get
A pool of hope or a wave of sadness
It’s sink or swim from the start to the end
My hands are swollen, my heart is racing
My ears are ringing with the notes I spent
It’s just sixteen syllables that were barely audible
A group of words that I always regret

No matter how much they meant

Sometimes the best way to say that you’re sorry
Is to keep your apologies to yourself.

Every evening when we curl up
I know for certain that this is all I need
Under the covers, a simple silence
A quiet promise between you and me
I’ve picked my poisons, I’ve picked my pleasures
I’ve picked my battles, and I’ve picked my friends
It’s just fifteen memories that will burn inside of me
I keep those fires lit with the tip of my pen

Until the ink runs red

It’s just another day spent in silence
Spinning on top of the loneliest planet inside my head

Inside my head.

I sang for redemption
I sang for sympathy
I sang in silence
Now, I’m going to sing one for you and me
Track Name: Wounded
I thought about my life the other day
From every person to every place
It was the hardest thing I had to do
Look at myself and see the truth
But that’s just what it means to be alive
Sometimes you love, sometimes you lose

For so many years I held my breath
Wishing for this pain to pass
I think it did more harm than good

But that’s just what you do
When you’re a well intentioned fool

It broke my heart with each goodbye
If I would have stayed
It would have broken twice
Once for the man that I could be
For the child still on his knees
I guess that’s what it means to be a kid
Who still punishes himself
For all of the things that he missed

And this is how it feels
When the wounds begin to heal
When the wounds begin to heal